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Yes, Your Headlights Can Be Restored (No, You Don’t Need Toothpaste)

How to repair your car’s headlights

There is nothing worse than your car’s headlights looking dull, yellow and cloudy.

While dirty and/or damaged headlights bring down the overall look of your car, they also make it hard to have good visibility when driving at night, which can create unsafe driving conditions. 

Thinking about selling your car? Then you’re going to want to pay extra attention to this post because restoring your headlights before it’s too late can help retain the resale value of your vehicle. The average replacement cost of a single headlight is around $850, so the more you can look after them the better!

To help keep your headlights in the best condition possible, we’ll go over:

  • What causes car headlights to become dull, yellow and cloudy
  • Common DIY fixes
  • The best way to restore your car’s headlights in Mudgee and Dubbo

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What causes car headlights to become dull, yellow and cloudy?

It doesn’t matter how new your car is, all headlights are at risk of fading or becoming yellow and cloudy. A few common reasons include:

Dirt and Chemical Build Up

Driving along lots of dirt flicks up onto your headlights, over time this causes dirt, tar and other environmental grime to begin building up. The downside to these builds up is your headlights will become white and cloudy resulting in low visibility for you as the driver but also a glare for passing vehicles.


Due to the harsh Australian sun, UV extremities break down the protective layer of your headlights over time, which results in the headlights’ plastic shell being no longer protected from the strong rays from the sun.

Road Damage

Your headlights are at the lower front of your vehicle meaning they cop the brunt of things hitting your car when driving such as gravel, dust, and fine rocks. This is another cause of the headlight topcoat breaking down and can result in fine cracks and scratches, which is what causes the cloudy and foggy appearance.

Common DIY fixes for dirty, faded or dull headlights

Now that we’ve covered what causes these frustrating headlight issues, let’s have a look at some DIY solutions people have tried. (We don’t recommend these!)

  • Windex and a Brillo pad
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar

While we’re sure some people have luck with the above, at Leven Smash Repairs, we approach your car’s headlights a bit differently!

The best way to restore your car’s headlights in Mudgee and Dubbo

At Leven Smash Repairs, we use a game-changing restoration process that will bring your dull, cloudy and faded headlights back to life.

  • First, the headlights go through a multi-sanding process where we start with a low-grade sandpaper and work our way down to a very high grade.
  • Next, we mask and prep the headlight before putting a specialised clear coat on the plastic that provides UV protection suitable to Australian climates.
  • Finally: we bake it to lock in the results!

It doesn’t matter if you want to book in for the service on its own, or add it onto your existing repair job, you’ll be blown away by the wow-factor it adds to your car [as well as how it improves driving safety].

They’ll look as good as a new car smells!

Scroll down to see before, during after photos of vehicle headlights restored by Leven Smash Repairs in Mudgee!


Before LSR Headlight Restoration Mudgee Photo


During LSR Headlight Restoration Photo Mudgee


After LSR vehicle headlight restoration mudgee

Ready to get your headlights looking all sorts of sparkly and new? Get in touch today!

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Cold weather can be tough on your vehicle – both inside and out! 

Scroll down to learn our simple tips for taking care of your vehicle and staying extra safe on the road throughout winter!



Maintaining visibility is difficult in winter because of ice, fog and grime.

While you may think throwing hot water on a cold windscreen will get you on your way faster, it may actually potentially CRACK IT!

Instead, try:

  • Turning on your car and running the defrost for five to ten minutes before leaving.
  • Using an ice scraper. (We have complimentary ones if you’d like to come see us!)
  • Check your windshield wipers to ensure they’re not worn out.
  • Remember to always clean the inside of your windows, not just the outside. 


Tyres with good traction can save lives! This is especially important during the winter months when roads can become slick and icy. 

We always recommend:

  • Checking your tyres to make sure they have sufficient depth. If they don’t, replace them with ones that do. 
  • As temperatures drop, so does the air pressure in your tyres. Low air pressure translates into weaker and under-inflated tyres.
  • When inflating your tyres, finding out what the correct tyre pressure for your car can typically be found inside your owners manual, or on a chart attached to the car’s door opening. 



Ever tried to run a marathon three seconds after waking up? Of course not! (You’d need coffee and a stretch first, right?!)

Well, your car also needs a moment before hitting the road. Just like how our bodies take longer to warm up in the colder months, our cars feel the same! On cold and frosty mornings, make sure you give your vehicle that extra time to warm up.

Did you know?

  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes for your engine to warm up whilst driving, so take it nice and easy for the first part of your drive. 


Conveniently located next door to the LSR Mudgee Workshop, our sister company, Advanced Automotive Solutions, can help keep your car in top shape this winter.

From vehicle diagnostics to new tyres to wheel alignments to registration inspections, they offer everything you need to stay safe and on-the-go.

Learn more at advancedautomotive.net.au or call 02 6372 4300.

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