It doesn’t matter if you need to get to a building site, a meeting or the company Christmas party, at LSR we know just how crucial it is to have safe and well-presented vehicles for you and your team to stay in motion. 

When you sign up with LSR Fleet Repairs, you’re not only signing up for high-quality and meticulous repairs, you’re signing up for priority turnaround times, convenience, and that above and beyond service you’ve been looking for.  

Unlike your typical smash repair workshop, we can facilitate all mechanical services at the same time as your vehicle’s repair which not only saves time and money, but keeps control in our hands. 

With tailored packages to suit your needs and fleet size, it’s never a one-size-fits-all experience at LSR.


24hour turnaround time

24-Hour Turnaround for Online + On-Site Quotes

So, what’s the damage? Thanks to our online quoting system and ability to travel to your vehicle, our estimators can let you know within 24 hours.

fast turnaround

Priority Turnaround Time of Less Than 10 Days

We know there is a dollar value to every minute of your day, which is why we’ve created repair processes and procedures to minimise your vehicle’s downtime.

Mechanical Repairs + Preventative Services

From vehicle diagnostics to steering + suspension to new tyres, LSR Fleet Repairs can provide everything your fleet needs saving you time and money while also keeping control in our hands.

keys icon

Vehicle Pick-up + Drop-off Service

Can’t find time to drop off your vehicle? We can help! Thanks to our partnership with Direct Lynx, we pick your vehicle up, repair it and drop it back to you good as new.

car clean wipe icon

Interior + Exterior Vehicle Cleaning with Every Repair

After every repair, we always give your vehicle a good scrub inside and out. (We’ll even try to get the French fries from between the seats.)

car sale prep

Fleet Vehicle Sale Prep + Transport

Ready to swap out your fleet vehicle(s)? Not only will we repair any damage to help you achieve the maximum sales price, we can even transport it to the car sales yard.

steering wheel

High Volume = Discounted Parts

As a company that repairs over 4,000 cars a year, we are able to offer competitive pricing due to the high volume of parts we order from our suppliers.

Rapid + Smart Smash Repairs

At LSR, have over 100 years of combined panel beating + spray painting experience and have invested in the latest smash repair technologies to ensure every vehicle meets manufacturer's standards.


Trusted by 30+ Insurers and the Community for over 40 Years

What started as a one-man-band in 1980 is now a 50+ person family-owned operation dedicated to maintaining a reputation for open and honest communication, skilled workmanship, and the type of customer service that makes you want to tell someone about it.


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