NSW Camping in Turon Gates


If you’re looking for your next Australian camping adventure, you’ve come to the right place. At Leven Smash Repairs, we’re all about 4WDs, camping and exploring our own backyard. (Especially when international and state borders are shut!)  

With over 870 National Parks that offer both beach and bush experiences, New South Wales has a huge range of versatile camp spots. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a rock face to climb, a peninsula to hike or a star filled sky to drift away under, there’s truly something for everyone.

In this guide, we’re sharing:

  • Our top 5 camping spots in NSW
  • The best place to get your 4WD ready in Mudgee 

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#1 Turon Gates, NSW

Located forty minutes south of Mudgee, Turon Gates offers campers 6000 acres to explore as well as numerous activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, bird watching, swimming and bush walking. You can also rent a canoe or kayak to go down the Turon River.

While you can book a camp site, they also offer glamping as well as self-contained cottages.  

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Credit Images: Turon Gates Website

#2 Trial Bay Goal Campground, Arakoon National Park.  

Arakoon National Park is one of the many draw cards of South West Rocks and 100% needs to be on your camping bucket list! Famous for the Trial Bay Gaol Campground, this spot puts you right next to the beach for a weekend of swimming, fishing, relaxing and fun. Rich with history, you’ll love getting to explore the ruins of the gaol. Also, don’t forget to pack your binoculars as there is an incredible whale migration every winter and spring. 

Looking for 4WD beach access? Head over to the Smoky Cape Campground! 

Credit Images: National Park Website

#3 Seal Rocks

Located three hours north of Sydney, Seal Rocks is one of New South Wales’ most iconic camping spots. With three crystal blue watered beaches you can visit within 2 minutes of one another, it doesn’t matter where the wind is coming from you will feel as though you are in the Maldives. There are quite a few campgrounds to choose from, the best being the Reflections Park located on the right as you arrive down the hill into Seal Rocks. As for exploring, you will not be bored. Sugarloaf beach is an easy-to-get-to 4WD beach and it’s the perfect excuse to pack an Eesky and spend the day there with friends or family. In summer, you will more than likely see dolphins bobbing through the waves daily at Sugarloaf Beach, or in the winter you may very well see a seal or two perched on the rocks. There is a little corner store there, with larger shopping amenities within about a 30-minute drive to Forster. This is one place to unwind with minimal phone reception.  

Click here to learn more about Reflections Park, Seal Rocks. 

Credit Images: Visit NSW Website

#4 Central West 4WD Park, Avisford.

Central West 4WD park is a family-owned park dedicated to 4WD enthusiasts. Located just a small drive from both Mudgee or Dubbo, the park is also close to another local town treasure, Hill End. It offers terrain for all types of 4WDs. From basic driveaway packages to the best of the best fitted out vehicles. With the park being so close to Hill End, there are a multitude of things to do, like a day trip to check out the old gold mining town, as well as having lunch at the local pub. You may not be able to hear waves crashing, but it could be the perfect place to switch off from reality for a few days.  

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Credit Images: Central West 4WD Website and Camping with Kids Website

#5 Camp Blackman, Warrumbungle National Park. 

Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran in NSW is Australia’s only Dark Sky Park, making it the perfect spot for stargazing, amateur astronomy and camping under the starriest of skies. What better way to camp than to look out on to the blackest of skies and see nothing but stars. Camp Blackman is nice and close to the National Park walks as well, making this perfect for families. For something to do, why not visit the world-class astronomy research facility at nearby Siding Spring Observatory?  

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Credit Images: National Park Website


If you’re hoping to get off the beaten path, you’re going to need a 4WD. In Mudgee, the go-to guy for all things 4WD is Dean Sebelic from Advanced Automotive Solutions. While he’s the local Mudgee mechanic, he’s also the 4WD whisperer and will ensure your vehicle is in top shape to take on every rock and river crossing.  

Located just next door to Leven Smash Repairs, he can fit suspension lifts and advise which 4WD accessories and tyres your vehicle needs.  

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We hope we have inspired you to get back out onto the road and enjoy the open roads of NSW. We are here to help get your vehicle ready, whether it be a pre-holiday service at Advanced Automotive or if LSR can help kit your vehicle out ready for a 4WD trek. 

See you on the road!