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Cold weather can be tough on your vehicle – both inside and out! 

Scroll down to learn our simple tips for taking care of your vehicle and staying extra safe on the road throughout winter!



Maintaining visibility is difficult in winter because of ice, fog and grime.

While you may think throwing hot water on a cold windscreen will get you on your way faster, it may actually potentially CRACK IT!

Instead, try:

  • Turning on your car and running the defrost for five to ten minutes before leaving.
  • Using an ice scraper. (We have complimentary ones if you’d like to come see us!)
  • Check your windshield wipers to ensure they’re not worn out.
  • Remember to always clean the inside of your windows, not just the outside. 


Tyres with good traction can save lives! This is especially important during the winter months when roads can become slick and icy. 

We always recommend:

  • Checking your tyres to make sure they have sufficient depth. If they don’t, replace them with ones that do. 
  • As temperatures drop, so does the air pressure in your tyres. Low air pressure translates into weaker and under-inflated tyres.
  • When inflating your tyres, finding out what the correct tyre pressure for your car can typically be found inside your owners manual, or on a chart attached to the car’s door opening. 



Ever tried to run a marathon three seconds after waking up? Of course not! (You’d need coffee and a stretch first, right?!)

Well, your car also needs a moment before hitting the road. Just like how our bodies take longer to warm up in the colder months, our cars feel the same! On cold and frosty mornings, make sure you give your vehicle that extra time to warm up.

Did you know?

  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes for your engine to warm up whilst driving, so take it nice and easy for the first part of your drive. 


Conveniently located next door to the LSR Mudgee Workshop, our sister company, Advanced Automotive Solutions, can help keep your car in top shape this winter.

From vehicle diagnostics to new tyres to wheel alignments to registration inspections, they offer everything you need to stay safe and on-the-go.

Learn more at or call 02 6372 4300.

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