At LSR, we pride ourselves on having the most skilled tradesman in the Central West. 

Leven Smash Repairs Spray Painter, Jhun has been part of LSR for just over six years and has brought a plethora of skills and knowledge with him. Having spent decades training and working around the world, he has become familiar with many paint brands, spray techniques and painting methods. 

If you have had the opportunity to learn from or talk to Jhun, you would agree that he is incredibly inspiring and an influential leader to the younger generation of painters.  

How long has Jhun been in the Smash Repairs industry for?

Jhun started working on cars and experimenting with the art of automotive spray painting at the young age of nine. Born and raised in the Philippines, Jhun’s family home was actually located upstairs above a paint-shop and both his grandfather and father were painters, which naturally led him into being a 3rd generation Spray Painter. 

What skill does Jhun find most challenging?

Jhun mentioned that the automotive spray painting skill he has found most challenging is colour matching because of how the process varies between countries. In the Philippines, they has to perform the skill manually. In Australia, he finds colour matching much easier because smash repair businesses like Leven Smash Repairs invests in the latest computer technology and equipment. 

What is the most rewarding part of Jhun’s career?

Jhun finds his job extremely rewarding because he gets to teach and share his expertise with fellow spray painters and mentor Leven Smash Repair spray painting apprentices. He finds it rewarding when the skills he teaches are taken on board and applied to the jobs that they are working on. Another aspect of his job that he finds rewarding is customer satisfaction. It makes him feel fulfilled when the customers are satisfied with his work and the work of his fellow painters. 

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