If you’ve been in a car accident in the Mid-Western Region and you aren’t the at-fault driver, it’s likely your car has been towed to an LSR smash repair workshop in Mudgee or Dubbo. In most cases, it will be your responsibility to have your vehicle removed from the LSR property. 


There are three ways to remove your car from LSR. 

1. You can arrange for a car trailer (personal or hired) to come and collect this vehicle from LSR.

2. You can hire a towing company to remove the vehicle for you. 

3. You can also always ask for our help! The LSR team works closely with “Direct Lynx” tilt tray services, who are available for removal at a competitive rate. (Contact details below). 


Due to limited storage space, your vehicle MUST be removed from LSR’s property within 7 days of the notification that your vehicle is a total loss.

We know this can be a stressful time, so we will be in touch around the 3rd or 4th day to see how you are going with your removal arrangements and offer help if needed. 


Should your vehicle not be removed within the 7 days, you will incur storage fees of $28.50 + GST per day. In the rare event that cars remain on LSR property beyond 7 days, LSR will follow NSW Fair Trading guidance in respect to the matter. Refer to the “Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1995”. (See link here) for further information.


Direct Lynx can help you out with all of your removal needs, and at a competitive rate too!

LSR can assist you with removal by getting in contact with Direct Lynx on your behalf. Or, alternatively, their contact details are:

Phone: 0428 753 836

Email: info@directlynx.com.au



After numerous requests for powder coating and sandblasting services, I’m excited to announce that we have added a new business offering: LSR Coatings.

Armed with the latest powder coating technologies, we can help you achieve that smooth finish you’ve been looking for.

Here are just a few ideas:

· Fencing

· Window and door frames

· Roller shutters

· Light poles & fittings

· Signage support

· Air conditioning grills & components

· Security screens & grills

· Shop fittings

· Extrusions

· Motorbike parts

· Wheel rims

· Antiques

· Bicycle frames

· Playground equipment

· Bed frames

· Furniture

How to get a FREE quote: Email clear pictures and measurements of your items to info@lsrcoatings.com.au, along with your best contact number.

Alternatively, feel free to pop into 4A Industrial Avenue with what you would like Powder Coated. Our friendly staff will take images for you and get back to you with a quote ASAP.



Have you heard about the Mudgee region lately? Considering visiting? Here’s why we think you should!  

Have you heard about the Mudgee region lately? 

Been considering visiting? Here’s why we think you should!  Our beautiful Mudgee region offers much more than just wineries, though the stunning, award-winning boutique wineries are a must visit! Our region offers much more. There are plenty of other things to do in the Mudgee region, from kayaking at Dunns Swamp on the edge of Wollemi, to stargazing at the Mudgee Observatory and watching a sunrise above the vineyards in a hot-air balloon! 

We have left all the mentioned businesses instagram handles below. Go and show them some love. 

1. Wine – Visiting our stunning picturesque wineries are a must.Winemaking in the region dates back to the 1850’s, with the temperate climate allowing for the slow ripening of grapes, producing robust wines. Whilst it is hard to chose one favourite, some of our go-to places are: Lowe Wines, Logan winery, Bunnamagoo, Huntington Estate, the list goes on!

2. Dine – The options for amazing restaurants & cafes in the Mudgee region are endless! Whether you are after a seven-course degustation menu (the Zin house, amazing) Or, you are after a super chilled brunch picnic. Mudgee literally covers it all! Here are a few of our picks, in no particular order:

53 Food Co– for the BEST burgers you will ever have. @53foodco located at Huntington Estate.

OurChow– this beautiful cafe/winery set out on the edge of Mudgee, caters for everyone in the family. They are also super pet & child friendly. @our_chow located at Burrundulla Winery. They offer everything from brunch items to main course lunch meals, grazing platters and super delicious desserts!

Alby & Esthers– You will find this beautiful hidden gem just off Market St. If you are after a delicious breakfast and coffee that always leaves you wanting another, this is the place to go! Situated in a beautiful courtyard, you can’t go wrong! @albyandesthers

Oco & The Juice– Mudgee newest trendy health food & juice bar. They offer freshly made juices & smoothies, ready-made meals and DIY poke bowls, there’s always something healthy and delicious that you can grab on the go! @ocothejuice

Oriental Hotel– Mudgee delivers a great pub feed, no matter where you go, you really can’t go wrong! The Ori hotel is situated on the corner of Lewis St. Enjoy a beverage and a tasty meal whilst sitting on the balcony soaking up the sun! @theorimudgee

Moothi Estate– One of the best views in Mudgee, located on Rocky Waterhole Rd. They offer a wide range of food from tapas to platters with all locally made produce. Enjoy a platter and taste some of the best wine overlooking the Mudgee hills. @moothiestate 

These are just a few to name, if you want to see some amazing food pictures of Mudgee’s best eats, be sure to check out @mudgeefoodie on Instagram for all the best recommendations! 

3.Balloon Aloft– with Mudgee’s rolling hills, surrounding mountains and beautiful valley, conditions are perfectly suited for hot air ballooning. Mudgee hot air ballooning adventures are generally scheduled for every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and begin at sunrise. Balloon flights are approximately one hour in flight duration followed by a delicious champagne breakfast following the flight.

4. Tunes at Burnbrae– Every 3rd Sunday of the month, Burnbrae wines delivers you tunes on the lawn at Burnbrae Winery. You can bring the family, sit back with pizzas, platters, ice cold beers and wine whilst listening to some talented local artists. Bookings are recommended!

5.Castle Rock Walk– Hiking Castle Rocks walk has its rewards. Not only will you be breathing in the fresh air of Munghorn Gap and getting fit! But superb scenic views await you when you reach the end. From the lookout, you’ll see some of the amazing sandstone pagoda features found throughout the park.

6.Markets– Every Saturday of the month features a different local market. If you love trying fresh local produce and supporting small businesses – the markets are a must! These markets are situated in our beautiful parks and churches. Our community comes together and features a range of locally made textiles and arts & crafts, along with a range of local produce ranging from freshly baked bread and cakes, to fruit & veg, olive oils and cheeses.

7.Miniature Train Rides- Something the kids & the whole family will love. They are open to the public on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 10am-2pm. You can ride the mini trains for as little as $2 and all money goes back into the maintenance of these fantastic engines & tracks! Bring the big kids & the little kids, and organise a fun and memorable day out! 

8.Helicopter Rides– Want to really see all of Mudgee? Then a helicopter ride will cover it all! Mudgee Helicopters is the way to go – they offer two stop winery tours, including an aerial look-see of Mudgee town and surrounds, for $800 for up to four people! 

9.Visit our surrounding towns!– Visiting our beautiful little historical towns, such as Gulgong, visiting Gulgong is like taking a trip right through regional Australia in the 19th century, this little town is full of history. Rylstone is also another beautiful spot to visit, approx. 40 minutes from Mudgee, Rylstone actually has some of the most incredible top-rated restaurants that are a must try! Such as the 29 Nine 99 Yum Cha restaurant and the Pepino’s Mexican Restaurant – they are both a MUST try! These little towns are full of beautiful scenery you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

 10. The Little Cooking School – The little cooking school is an informal, relaxed creative space located on the outskirts of Mudgee offering casual cooking classes, suited to all skill levels.Featuring a 3 course menu showcasing only the best regional produce,  and concluding with enjoying the day’s efforts over lunch with selected local wines to match. The aim of the Little Cooking School is to focus on sharing ideas, techniques, recipes and ultimately sharing the fruits of your labour accompanied by a great glass of wine.

For all things Mudgee check out www.visitmudgeeregion.com.au


In difficult times, opportunities arise.  

COVID-19 has presented many opportunities but I have focused on three:


I have taken advantage of the current situation of things slowing down to capitalise on spending more time with my family, which is the most important part of my world.



Slowing down has also provided me with the opportunity to reflect. I am asking myself questions such as:

‘How am I going to play this next quarter once we come out of this whole thing?’ 

‘What am I going to do differently in my personal and professional life, so I don’t fall into the same trap of letting my priorities slide and my personal ‘to do lists’ fall behind?



Working between two locations can get very tricky with a young family, which often means an overdue life-admin list. I’ve also used this newfound time to knock items off this list!

My wife, Christie, and I have a 23-month-old boy and another baby due any day now. We’ve been busy setting up a nursery in preparation of their arrival. I’ve also had time to clean out my home office, build a sand pit for our son and finish off some other home projects around the house.


Now that was my to do list, what’s yours?


Maybe you have been promising to go for a ride on your bike with your kids. Maybe it’s cooking a special dinner for your partner. 

MAYBE it’s been driving your damaged car around for months because you can’t seem to find a convenient time for repairs. 

If that last one sounds like you, we can help.


In an effort to make things a little bit easier for you, we’re offering an online quotation service and handy photo guide that allows you to send us photos of your vehicle damage straight from your phone or tablet! 


lsr jobs dubbo


Cold weather can be tough on your vehicle – both inside and out! 

Scroll down to learn our simple tips for taking care of your vehicle and staying extra safe on the road throughout winter!



Maintaining visibility is difficult in winter because of ice, fog and grime.

While you may think throwing hot water on a cold windscreen will get you on your way faster, it may actually potentially CRACK IT!

Instead, try:

  • Turning on your car and running the defrost for five to ten minutes before leaving.
  • Using an ice scraper. (We have complimentary ones if you’d like to come see us!)
  • Check your windshield wipers to ensure they’re not worn out.
  • Remember to always clean the inside of your windows, not just the outside. 


Tyres with good traction can save lives! This is especially important during the winter months when roads can become slick and icy. 

We always recommend:

  • Checking your tyres to make sure they have sufficient depth. If they don’t, replace them with ones that do. 
  • As temperatures drop, so does the air pressure in your tyres. Low air pressure translates into weaker and under-inflated tyres.
  • When inflating your tyres, finding out what the correct tyre pressure for your car can typically be found inside your owners manual, or on a chart attached to the car’s door opening. 



Ever tried to run a marathon three seconds after waking up? Of course not! (You’d need coffee and a stretch first, right?!)

Well, your car also needs a moment before hitting the road. Just like how our bodies take longer to warm up in the colder months, our cars feel the same! On cold and frosty mornings, make sure you give your vehicle that extra time to warm up.

Did you know?

  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes for your engine to warm up whilst driving, so take it nice and easy for the first part of your drive. 


Conveniently located next door to the LSR Mudgee Workshop, our sister company, Advanced Automotive Solutions, can help keep your car in top shape this winter.

From vehicle diagnostics to new tyres to wheel alignments to registration inspections, they offer everything you need to stay safe and on-the-go.

Learn more at advancedautomotive.net.au or call 02 6372 4300.

advanced automotive services logo
Dacoda Endacott leven smash repairs staff photo

Made in Mudgee | Q + A with LSR Team Member, Dacoda Endacott

Dacoda was awarded Apprentice of the Year in 2018 at the Mudgee Clock Awards. Extremely driven, innovative and Automotive Spray Painter Goals all-over, she shares what it’s been like to go from Leven Smash Repair Apprentice to fully qualified spray painter in under five years.

What made you decide to pursue an apprenticeship in spray painting?

I have always had a passion for old cars and from a young age I was in the shed helping my dad and my uncle sand down cars they were building. I watched our family’s hot rod be painted at LSR in 2005 and 10 years later I started my career there. Deep down I think I always wanted to have something to do with that field of work but it wasn’t until I was in year 11 that I really started to look into the trade and learn what it truly had to offer.

What (if any) hurdles did you face while studying to become a fully qualified tradesperson?

I believe my biggest hurdle I faced and overcame was my confidence in myself. Being afraid of not knowing enough, making a mistake or answering something wrong held me back at the beginning, but I quickly learnt through my team that the only way to learn and to get through these barriers is to listen to each other and learn from your mistakes. You never stop learning.

How did LSR support you along the way?

Whether it’s business or personal, LSR is always there to support you in any way. Every team member is treated with the same amount of respect and we are all encouraged to achieve our goals, big or small. We truly have each other’s backs.

What advice do you have for women thinking about entering the smash repair industry?

 If you have passion in something, then go for it. Don’t let stereotypes dictate what you can and can’t do. Sure, some people may doubt you and it can be tough, but by staying committed and true to yourself, it’s such a rewarding career.

What’s been your proudest moment at LSR so far?

In 2018 I was awarded apprentice of the year, and to me that was such a great personal achievement and I am so grateful that I was given that opportunity.

As a business that is rapidly growing and expanding, what would you like to see LSR do next?

I would love to see LSR succeed in every way they aim to. There is so much commitment and drive that comes from the management team and every goal is achievable with the support of the team behind them.

What’s your favourite thing about living and working in the Mudgee Region?

My favourite thing about the Mudgee Region is the community support and willingness to come together in times of need and celebration.

Top place to travel to in NSW?

I can’t go past a family favourite, Valla Beach.

Interested in starting an apprenticeship in Automotive Spray Painting in NSW?

apprenticeship opportunities in dubbo mudgee

Panel Beating Apprenticeships | 10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Regional NSW

Across Australia, apprenticeships in panel beating can offer you entry into the smash repair industry and lead to both gratifying career progression and personal satisfaction. 

However, not all apprenticeships are created equal. Many urban businesses simply don’t have the capacity to invest in training managers who can give apprentices the time they need to answer the questions that may arise on the job nor properly show them superior techniques of the trade. Workshops in city settings are extremely busy and more often than not, an apprentice can feel like a hindrance on the workshop floor rather than a pupil ready to learn.

At Leven Smash Repairs, we know this is not beneficial to the apprentice nor the future of smash repairs. Living and operating in a regional area has allowed us to invest heavily in our management team and leadership development due to the fact that our operation costs are much lower. It’s also enabled us to build state-of-the-art workshops that cater to the needs and wants of our tradesmen. As a business founded by someone who started out as a panel beating apprentice, we know exactly what’s needed to truly excel in the role, which is why we are so grateful to live in a region that provides the support structure needed to thrive both personally and professionally. 

With workshops in Dubbo and Mudgee, we’ve been delighted to see a surge in business as the mining, construction, agriculture and tourism industries continue to grow exponentially. Families are flocking to regional areas because of better work-life balance (no commutes!), higher wages, lower housing costs and socially conscious councils.

Wondering if a regional panel beating apprenticeship is right for you? Here are just some of the benefits of working at LSR:

  1. More resources to provide 1 : 1 training and coaching
  2. Both personal and professional mentorship
  3. Lower cost of living
  4. Higher wages
  5. Better work-life balance 
  6. Access to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies
  7. Scope for growth
  8. Close proximity to major cities
  9. Reliable and affordable ground and air transportation
  10. Councils that invest heavily in the region, tourism and cater to growing families

As a family owned business, we pride ourselves on maintaining a respectful, diverse and fair workplace, which means everyone has a right to be heard, valued and celebrated. The best part? We hire on our company values, which means you don’t always need to have any prior industry experience. Simply a passion for automotives, a desire to learn, the ability to adapt, compassion for others and a hungry and committed attitude.

Paths to an LSR Panel Beating or Spray Painting Apprenticeship:

Full Time Apprenticeship/ Traineeship

This would require the student to leave school and enter into a Training Contract arrangement with Leven Smash Repairs. The apprentice/ trainee would be required to complete formal training (TAFE) as well as work on a full time basis. (Traineeships can be part time).

School Based Traineeship (SBAT) 

Through the SBAT pathway, the student attends the workplace on average 1 day per week (paid) whist attending school to complete Years 11 and 12. The student will also need to complete formal training, usually at Cert II level.

Work Placement

This pathway is attractive for  students that may be undertaking an Automotive related VET subject during Years 11 and 12. Students are required to complete 70 hours of unpaid work placement over the two years.

After School Part Time Employment

If a student is interested in taking on a part time job, this may be a way for you to trial if an apprenticeship with LSR is right for you.

While these are four ways to begin an apprenticeship at Leven Smash Repairs, you may have your own personal circumstances that need to be taken into account. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the best way for you to determine if LSR is the right place for you.

Interested in starting an apprenticeship in Automotive Panel Beating in NSW? Find out more and apply today!