NSW Camping in Turon Gates

NSW Camping – Team LSR’s Top 5 Spots


If you’re looking for your next Australian camping adventure, you’ve come to the right place. At Leven Smash Repairs, we’re all about 4WDs, camping and exploring our own backyard. (Especially when international and state borders are shut!)  

With over 870 National Parks that offer both beach and bush experiences, New South Wales has a huge range of versatile camp spots. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a rock face to climb, a peninsula to hike or a star filled sky to drift away under, there’s truly something for everyone.

In this guide, we’re sharing:

  • Our top 5 camping spots in NSW
  • The best place to get your 4WD ready in Mudgee 

Scroll down to learn more!


#1 Turon Gates, NSW

Located forty minutes south of Mudgee, Turon Gates offers campers 6000 acres to explore as well as numerous activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, bird watching, swimming and bush walking. You can also rent a canoe or kayak to go down the Turon River.

While you can book a camp site, they also offer glamping as well as self-contained cottages.  

Click here to learn more about Turon Gates camping.  

Credit Images: Turon Gates Website

#2 Trial Bay Goal Campground, Arakoon National Park.  

Arakoon National Park is one of the many draw cards of South West Rocks and 100% needs to be on your camping bucket list! Famous for the Trial Bay Gaol Campground, this spot puts you right next to the beach for a weekend of swimming, fishing, relaxing and fun. Rich with history, you’ll love getting to explore the ruins of the gaol. Also, don’t forget to pack your binoculars as there is an incredible whale migration every winter and spring. 

Looking for 4WD beach access? Head over to the Smoky Cape Campground! 

Credit Images: National Park Website

#3 Seal Rocks

Located three hours north of Sydney, Seal Rocks is one of New South Wales’ most iconic camping spots. With three crystal blue watered beaches you can visit within 2 minutes of one another, it doesn’t matter where the wind is coming from you will feel as though you are in the Maldives. There are quite a few campgrounds to choose from, the best being the Reflections Park located on the right as you arrive down the hill into Seal Rocks. As for exploring, you will not be bored. Sugarloaf beach is an easy-to-get-to 4WD beach and it’s the perfect excuse to pack an Eesky and spend the day there with friends or family. In summer, you will more than likely see dolphins bobbing through the waves daily at Sugarloaf Beach, or in the winter you may very well see a seal or two perched on the rocks. There is a little corner store there, with larger shopping amenities within about a 30-minute drive to Forster. This is one place to unwind with minimal phone reception.  

Click here to learn more about Reflections Park, Seal Rocks. 

Credit Images: Visit NSW Website

#4 Central West 4WD Park, Avisford.

Central West 4WD park is a family-owned park dedicated to 4WD enthusiasts. Located just a small drive from both Mudgee or Dubbo, the park is also close to another local town treasure, Hill End. It offers terrain for all types of 4WDs. From basic driveaway packages to the best of the best fitted out vehicles. With the park being so close to Hill End, there are a multitude of things to do, like a day trip to check out the old gold mining town, as well as having lunch at the local pub. You may not be able to hear waves crashing, but it could be the perfect place to switch off from reality for a few days.  

Click here to learn more about Central West 4WD Park. 

Credit Images: Central West 4WD Website and Camping with Kids Website

#5 Camp Blackman, Warrumbungle National Park. 

Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran in NSW is Australia’s only Dark Sky Park, making it the perfect spot for stargazing, amateur astronomy and camping under the starriest of skies. What better way to camp than to look out on to the blackest of skies and see nothing but stars. Camp Blackman is nice and close to the National Park walks as well, making this perfect for families. For something to do, why not visit the world-class astronomy research facility at nearby Siding Spring Observatory?  

Click here to learn more about Camp Blackman. 

Credit Images: National Park Website


If you’re hoping to get off the beaten path, you’re going to need a 4WD. In Mudgee, the go-to guy for all things 4WD is Dean Sebelic from Advanced Automotive Solutions. While he’s the local Mudgee mechanic, he’s also the 4WD whisperer and will ensure your vehicle is in top shape to take on every rock and river crossing.  

Located just next door to Leven Smash Repairs, he can fit suspension lifts and advise which 4WD accessories and tyres your vehicle needs.  

Click here to learn more about AAS. 

We hope we have inspired you to get back out onto the road and enjoy the open roads of NSW. We are here to help get your vehicle ready, whether it be a pre-holiday service at Advanced Automotive or if LSR can help kit your vehicle out ready for a 4WD trek. 

See you on the road! 

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Dacoda Endacott Women in Collision Leven Smash Repairs Mudgee

International Day of the Girl 2021 – A Note from Dacoda Endacott


To celebrate, we spoke to Leven Smash Repairs Spray Painter turned Operations Manager, @dacodaendacott, about her experience working in the smash repair industry as a woman as well as some of the digital influencers who’ve helped bridge the gender gap.

“In 2018, I went to the world’s largest automotive trade show in Las Vegas where I was introduced to a woman named Connie who started a community of like-minded women called @girlsbehindthegun.

Featuring content that celebrates women who share the same painting passions and work in the automotive industry, “Girls Behind the Gun” has over 60k followers on Instagram and is constantly growing. It’s so important to have this representation online as more and more kids are discovering career paths and hobbies via Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook.

The late Shirley Chisholm once said, “Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.”

Throughout my years at TAFE, I was the only girl in my class. Whilst I have noticed the lack of diversity in the automotive industry in the past, thanks to people like Connie and employers like Leven Smash Repairs, we are starting to see more and more women enter the trade in roles that used to be defined by men.”

Click below to watch Dacoda’s story!

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Simon Leven Owner of Leven Restorations sitting on a 1965 Mustang

Dream Car to Dream Business… Introducing Leven Restorations


“As a second-generation smash repairer, cars have been as constant in my life as red dust on an Australian roadhouse roof. While I could often be found helping with kangaroo-dented utes or pole-assaulted rear bumpers from the time I could walk, my absolute favourite place in the world to be as a kid was working alongside my dad on one of the many classic cars he’s restored over the years.

From an old S series Valiant to 60’s Falcons, we’d work on a whole range of makes and models in our family’s backyard workshop. Even though each project had me wide-eyed and in awe, I quickly learned that when you get the chance to work on the car of your dreams, the experience becomes infinitely better.

Like your dating preferences, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that every car lover has a type. My dad was and is a Falcon guy and in the early 90s, I was all about classic Australian cars. While there were a few iconic American muscle cars that had caught my eye, it was after watching Gone in 60 Seconds in 2000 that I learned that I’m very much a ’65, ’66 and ’67 Mustang Man (and Angelina Jolie fan).  

When the first ‘65 Mustang we restored for a customer rolled in, it was in rough shape. She had rusted out floor pans, mouldings hanging off, a paint job that was more like a moss-covered rock and the type of interior that you’d find mice happily making a home in. Even in that condition, I knew I wanted her to be mine.

Over hundreds, if not thousands of hours, Dad showed me just how much patience and craftsmanship goes into vehicle restoration. There’s the problem solving that goes into aligning the body and panels, the skill of stretching and shrinking metal, the careful restoration of the original bodylines as well as the final prep before sanding, spraying and polishing. Every single step was done with precision, passion and the promise that one day, this Mustang would be back on the road and making someone’s stomach flip even before they put their foot on the pedal.  

Although I had a love for Mustangs, owning one always seemed like it was out of my reach, which is why when I was finally able to buy my first car, I settled for what I thought was the next closest thing: an RA23 Celica. (Which, I still have to this day!) Like most Australians, I also got the itch to travel after finishing school and went to B.C., Canada to do a ski season… thus depleting even more of my Dream Car Savings Fund.

While I was considering being a ski bum for eternity, I knew deep down that I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. First, I became a panel beating apprentice and then fully qualified panel beater in our family’s workshop, which had since moved to Mudgee’s industrial complex. While I would have loved to have been working on old classic cars, I enjoyed the satisfaction I got from collision work. Seeing a car come in damaged and being involved end to end until it was proudly presented to the customer in pre-accident condition was the best feeling.  

Ultimately, I ended up learning every role that I could. From completing another trade in painting to estimating to gaining a firm grasp on the business end of the business, smash repairs became my thing and in 2009, I purchased the family business. Over the last twelve years, I’ve gone on to create the 50+ person Central West operation that is now known as Leven Smash Repairs. (My accountant still reminds me of the first time he met a young twenty-year-old panel beater who sat at the end of the board room table telling him how he was going to take over the family business one day.)

Even though I’ve been on one helluva hyper-focused ride, I’ve never forgotten about my first love and have always been looking for the right moment to venture into restorations. In 2020, I got my chance. Around the time the world was in pandemic chaos and hitting the big pause button, I found myself questioning the position Covid had put us in and how I had even ended up there to begin with. Was I living my life exactly how I wanted to? With people driving less, what could I do to achieve that same feeling of satisfaction that comes with repairing and restoring something?

Mentally, I went back to where my passion for cars started: the family workshop. Instantly, I had visions of that 1965 Mustang. That was it! I needed a project. For months, I spent much of my down time scrolling through car sales, auction sites, Facebook groups, unique car magazines and even in the US to find the perfect 1965 Mustang to restore. Unable to find anything, I began making phone calls to people in the industry or who may know someone with the car I was looking for. It took a lot of ‘Sorry, Mate’ and ‘Can’t help you!’ responses before I got a solid lead! Only issue: they weren’t selling.  

Or were they? It took three phone calls and two face to face meetings, but I managed to convince the owner to let me buy it. Together with a good friend, I drove three hours with a trailer to go pick it up. (Some people baked banana bread in 2020, I clearly had an appetite for something a bit bigger!)

A 1965 Mustang on a flat bed trailer that needs to be restored by Leven Restorations

With more rust than a tip full of scrap metal during the rainy season in Darwin, the car was everything that I could have ever imagined and more. The whole way home I replayed images of me working on it with not only my dad, but now also my son. At first, I thought this would be a personal project for me, but when I unloaded her into the workshop, a few of my restos-loving team members flocked over to admire my purchase and show their keen interest to be involved.

As I watched them run their hands along the curves of the car and discuss how they’d restore it, I realised that not only did I have my dream car, I also had the perfect storm to start a business: the right car, the right people and the right reason. In that moment, Leven Restorations was born. With a firm belief that cars are in our lives to make memories, celebrate milestones and, in many cases, act as a motivator, I can’t wait to see which projects find their way to us.

We’re currently midway through the Mustang and guess what: we’re doing the RA23 too! You can follow along on Instagram via @levenrestorations

So tell me, what’s your dream car?”

– Simon Leven

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simon leven smash repairs mudgee dubbo



As we enter the second week of lockdown in regional NSW, I’m more aware than ever of just how crucial it is to have a resilient workforce.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a global pandemic, drought or bush fire, in times of uncertainty, having a team that can consciously accept and learn from both the highs and lows of life can make or break a business. 

Like many other industries, the demand for smash repairs has drastically slowed, which has left me having to make some incredibly difficult decisions regarding my workforce. While I’ve had to ask people across both workshops to scale back hours, I’ve also asked them to trust that I am doing everything in my power to find the positive outcomes of this and that there will be brighter days ahead.

I am beyond grateful to be able to sit here and confidently write that not only do I feel their trust, but I also feel their strength.

In May, the LSR Team had the opportunity to listen to Author & Speaker, Hugh Van Cuylenburg talk about his book, The Resilience Project, as well as his mental health strategies. Needless to say, this couldn’t have come at a better time and it’s clear my team soaked up everything he had to say because they are all resilience personified at the moment.

One of the many things that we took away from Hugh was his daily ‘GEM’ activity.  GEM, which stands for gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, is an acronym to remind us to consciously express gratitude, show empathy and practise mindfulness every single day in an effort to increase our positivity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of 1 or 100, I thoroughly recommend encouraging each person in your organisation to adopt Hugh’s GEM activity as part of their daily routine, especially when the road is feeling rocky. The reality is: 1 in 5 people in Australia will have a mental health condition this year and that statistic was reported even before the Delta variant came to the party. Ensuring that we are looking after each team member’s mental health is every bit as important as procedures, processes and culture. 

Scroll down to learn the three simple steps of GEM and share them with your team today.



Write down 3 things that went well for you today.


Think of someone who is going through a tough time. What could you say to them? Send them a message or give them a call, let them know you are thinking about them.


Go for a walk and think about 3 things you can see, 3 things you can hear and 3 things you can feel. Be present in the moment.

We’ve got this.

signature of simon leven


LSR Managing Director



Your Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Smash Repair Job Interview


Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite a few people swap the city for the Central West due to rising house prices and the freedom that comes with living and working in regional New South Wales. 

With COVID-19 now in the picture, we are seeing even more of a demand. As a company passionate about finding team members who share our values, vision and work ethic, we want to take a moment to share our guide on how to ace your job interview with Leven Smash Repairs. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, have loads of experience or are changing industries, scroll down to see the things we’re looking for in a candidate. 


Show us your personality:

We want to know what books you’re reading and what podcasts you’re listening to. We want to see what you value and what your goals are for the future.

Show us your problem-solving skills:

How resourceful are you? Hiccups happen and we want to know that you’re someone who can act not only quickly, but efficiently.

Show us how you work well with others and independently:

At LSR, we’re all about open and honest communication. It is essential that you can communicate clearly and calmly with others, work well in a team as well as independently.

Show us your passion for your personal and professional growth: 

It is essential to us that you are passionate about setting and exceeding personal and professional goals. LSR takes pride in helping its team members to meet their professional goals as well as personal goals. We want team members that are committed and hungry, always thriving to be better. 

Show us your commitment to safety: 

With the nature of the LSR business, it is vital that you can follow and implement work health and safety policies and procedures. Always be alert and switched on and being aware of possible hazards or safety risks. 



Respect the way we treat each other; the way we treat those we serve. Each person is valued and feels inspired to contribute their best.


Self-motivated and diligent, we do what it takes to impress our customers, while helping our team members thrive. We are constantly looking for opportunities to do better.


We commit to continuous improvement both personally and professionally. We embrace change because we believe the status quo is not good enough.


We tell the truth to our customers and each other, while acting in the best interest of our team, our customers and LSR. We learn from each other in the spirit of openness.


Humble team members share credit, emphasise team over self and define success collectively rather than individually. We appreciate the lighter side of life and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes so that we can help get them back on the road quickly and safely. We show that we care for each other through our decisions, actions and words, and commit to praising and thanking one another for work well done.


Whether you’re a foodie, farmer, or family, there’s a lot to love about the Central West. With major industries including mining, agriculture, viticulture, construction, retail and tourism, we have a strong and diverse economic base that is attracting people from around the world.

Easy to get to from both Sydney and Newcastle and with daily air and coach services, this fast growing region offers everything you need to live your best life.


Winter in Mudgee – A Local’s Itinerary

Have you been thinking about visiting the Mudgee Region this winter?

As a team full of both locals and transplants, we’ve put our heads together to create the ultimate itinerary for your stay! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wine-lover, foodie or simply want to sit back, relax and take in the scenic views of Mudgee’s rolling foothills, there’s something on this list for everyone. 

Scroll down to see our must-do cold-weather activities when visiting the Mudgee Region! 

First up: Grab coffee & breaky at Alby & Esthers 

Image via Alby & Esthers  

Alby & Esther’s is a quirky coffee house and wine bar. You will be greeted with big smiles and the unique alleyway location provides a vibrant and charming atmosphere. They offer seasonal menus with mouth-watering food options, delicious artisan coffee & many alcoholic beverages to try. 

Contact Alby & Esther’s 

Shop 8 61 Market Street  

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

6372 1555 

Alby + Esthers | Wine Bar + Coffee House (albyandesthers.com.au) 

Next, stroll over to the Mudgee Fine Food Farmers Markets 

Image via Mudgee Fine Foods 

The Mudgee Fine Food Farmers Markets is on every third Saturday of the month no matter what! They have an awesome range of stalls to look through as well as local musicians playing for you while you browse. The markets run under strict guidelines and all produce sold has been grown by the stallholders. The markets are held in the gorgeous grounds of Robertson Park. 

Contact Mudgee Fine Food Farmers Markets 

Church Street 

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

0407 288 797  


When in Mudgee…  

Images via Moothi Estate & Lowe Family Wine Co 

It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re visiting Mudgee, you need to visit the local wineries. (Who doesn’t love sipping on wine on a brisk winter’s day?) There is an immense variety of beautiful local wineries to choose from. Some of our favourites include Lowe Wines & Moothi Estate Winery which are featured in the pictures above. 

Contact Lowe Wines 

327 Tinja Lane 

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

6372 0800 

Lowe Wines – Zin House – The Pavilion (lowefamilywineco.com.au) 

Contact Moothi Estate 

85 Rocky Waterhole Road 

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

6372 2925 

Moothi Estate 

Click here to check out Mudgee’s full list of vineyards and cellar doors. 

Are you into craft beer? 

We have two breweries that are must-dos! 

Images via Visit Mudgee region 

Three Tails Brewery & Smokehouse  

Three Tails Brewery & Smokehouse delivers the towns largest selections of wine, spirits and beer! They have a whopping 18 craft beers on tap for you to try.  They have divine slow cooked Texan barbeque smoked in their famous meat smoker. Delicious!  

Contact Three Tails: 

13 Lewis Street  

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

0419 877 866 

Home | Three Tails Brewery 

Images via Visit Mudgee region 

Mudgee Brewing Company 

Mudgee Brewing Company offer a wide range of craft beer, with live music, delicious food and endless beer the Mudgee Brewing Company is a great place to go to hang out with friends and family while enjoying the laidback relaxed vibes and tasty beer! 

Contact Mudgee Brewing Company: 

4 Chruch Street 

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

6372 6726 

Home | Mudgee Brewing Company 

Stroll through town before dinner 

Images via Visit Mudgee Region & The Mudgee Project by Amber Hooper 

One of the things that makes Mudgee such a charming country town is the historical buildings. From the library to the law offices to the stunning churches, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when strolling down Market Street.  

If you’d like to learn more about the history, you can even book a Mudgee Heritage Walking Tour. 

Contact Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours 

Corner of Church and Market Streets 


Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours – Mudgee | VisitNSW.com 

Let’s Talk Dinner Options – Pub grub! 

Go and get a pub feed! Mudgee has some amazing pubs that offer you a delicious big pub feed and a smooth beverage. It’s too hard to choose a favourite when it comes to the pubs in town because they are all simply so good! No matter which pub you pick you will be greeted with a smile and amazing food accompanied with good vibes! Some top picks of ours: 

Kelly’s Irish Pub 

Images via Visit Mudgee Region 

Contact Kelly’s Irish Pub: 

49 Chruch Street  

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

6372 1842 

Kelly’s Irish Pub (kellysirishpub.com.au) 

Woolpack Hotel 

Images via Visit Mudgee Region 

Contact Woolpack Hotel: 

67 Market Street 

Mudgee New South Wales 2850 

Woolpack Hotel Mudgee – Eat | Drink | Stay 

Don’t forget to look up! 

Images via Mudgee Observatory  

While you’ll be busy taking in the town, wineries and wildlife, don’t forget to look up. Due to Mudgee’s remote location, we have stunning star speckled skies! Want to take a closer look? Visit the Mudgee Observatory, if you’re lucky you might even get to see the Milky Way! This experience can be both entertaining and educational, a great activity to do with the family. 

Contact the Mudgee Observatory 

961 Old Grattai Road  

Grattai New South Wales 2850 

6373 3431 

Mudgee Observatory 

Pop over to Gulgong!

Images via Visit Mudgee Region 

If you decide to come and enjoy the amazing things Mudgee has to offer, it’s the perfect chance to seize the opportunity and visit some of Mudgee’s surrounding towns – you won’t find anything else like them. A must visit town is Gulgong, a 19th century gold rush town, only 30km north of Mudgee. Here are some activities to do in Gulgong: 

Gulgong Holtermann Musuem  

Gulgong Holtermann Musuem is a contemporary museum set up in two restored 1870’s gold rush buildings. The museum has touch screens and mounted photographs, this creates a life like experience for visitors. 

Contact Gulgong Holtermann Musuem:  

125 Mayne Street 

Gulgong New South Wales  

5858 4002 

Featuring UNESCO Listed Holtermann Collection of 1872 photographs 

Gulgong Gold Experience  

Gulgong gold experience is located on the exact spot of the first gold finding in the town all the way back in 1870. Gulgong gold experience provides an educational and fun day out. You can even take part in some gold panning! 

Contact Gulgong Gold Experience: 

Tom Sanders Avenue  

Gulgong New South Wales 

0418 541 998 

Are you a sports fanatic?  

Images via Visit Mudgee Region 

Make sure you keep your eyes out for all sporting events and games that are played at the Glen Willows Regional Sports Complex. If your keen to see sporting events like the South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. The Saint George Illawarra Dragons you’re in luck because Glen Willows Regional Sports Complex is often home to major sporting events. 


If you’re interested in coming to visit the Mudgee Region and finding out for yourself all the great things the town has to offer, you can find even more information on fun filled events and activities over at www.mudgeetourism.com.au. 


Interested in working in the Mudgee Region? 

Click here to discover the job roles LSR is currently offering! 

headlight restoration in mudgee and dubbo

Yes, Your Headlights Can Be Restored (No, You Don’t Need Toothpaste)

Are your car’s headlights looking dull, yellow and cloudy?

There is nothing worse than your car’s headlights looking dull, yellow and cloudy.

While dirty and/or damaged headlights bring down the overall look of your car, they also make it hard to have good visibility when driving at night, which can create unsafe driving conditions.

Thinking about selling your car? Then you’re going to want to pay extra attention to this post because restoring your headlights before it’s too late can help retain the resale value of your vehicle. The average replacement cost of a single headlight is around $850, so the more you can look after them the better!

To help keep your headlights in the best condition possible, we’ll go over:

  • What causes car headlights to become dull, yellow and cloudy
  • Common DIY fixes for dirty, faded or dull headlights
  • The best way to restore your car’s headlights in Mudgee and Dubbo

Scroll down to learn more!

What causes car headlights to become dull, yellow and cloudy?

It doesn’t matter how new your car is, all headlights are at risk of fading or becoming yellow and cloudy. A few common reasons car headlights become dull include:

Dirt and Chemical Build Up

Driving along lots of dirt flicks up onto your headlights, over time this causes dirt, tar and other environmental grime to begin building up. The downside to these builds up is your headlights will become white and cloudy resulting in low visibility for you as the driver but also a glare for passing vehicles.


Due to the harsh Australian sun, UV extremities break down the protective layer of your headlights over time, which results in the headlights’ plastic shell being no longer protected from the strong rays from the sun.

Road Damage

Your headlights are at the lower front of your vehicle meaning they cop the brunt of things hitting your car when driving such as gravel, dust, and fine rocks. This is another cause of the headlight topcoat breaking down and can result in fine cracks and scratches, which is what causes the cloudy and foggy appearance.

Common DIY fixes for dirty, faded or dull headlights

Now that we’ve covered what causes these frustrating headlight issues, let’s have a look at some DIY solutions people have tried. (We don’t recommend these!)

  • Windex and a Brillo pad
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar

While we’re sure some people have luck with the above, at Leven Smash Repairs, we approach your car’s headlights a bit differently!

The best way to restore your car’s headlights in Mudgee and Dubbo

At Leven Smash Repairs, we use a game-changing restoration process that will bring your dull, cloudy and faded headlights back to life.

  • First, the headlights go through a multi-sanding process where we start with a low-grade sandpaper and work our way down to a very high grade.
  • Next, we mask and prep the headlight before putting a specialised clear coat on the plastic that provides UV protection suitable to Australian climates.
  • Finally: we bake it to lock in the results!

It doesn’t matter if you want to book in for the service on its own, or add it onto your existing repair job, you’ll be blown away by the wow-factor it adds to your car [as well as how it improves driving safety].

They’ll look as good as a new car smells!

Scroll down to see before, during after photos of vehicle headlights restored by Leven Smash Repairs in Mudgee!


Before LSR Headlight Restoration Mudgee Photo


During LSR Headlight Restoration Photo Mudgee


After LSR vehicle headlight restoration mudgee

Ready to get your headlights looking all sorts of sparkly and new? Get in touch today!

Mudgee: 02 6372 3498

Dubbo: 02 6882 7570

Click here to check out our full list of services. 


Being involved in a vehicle accident is generally always as unsettling experience. The feeling of uncertainty about “what to do next” is completely normal.

While it’s important to recognise that every situation is different, we’ve listed our tips of what to do after getting into a car accident. 

Tip #1: If anyone is significantly injured, or cars appear badly damaged, call emergency services immediately. Note: Only assess an injury if it safe and does not put anyone at risk of danger. 
Tip #2: If everyone is well, safe and able to drive away, make sure that you report the accident with the police within 28 days.
Tip #3: Depending on the state of your vehicle, if it is driveable, move it to the side of the road, turn off the ignition or place your hazard lights on. 

If your car is not driveable, call your insurance company. They may arrange for your vehicle to be towed. If your car us driveable drive with care and take your time. 

#4 Exchange details with the driver fo the other vehicle within 28 days of the accident. 

You will need the following details if possible: 

Registration plate 

Drivers name 


Phone number 

Insurance details 

People are encourgaed to use their smart device to take photos of any other cars involved, any street or road signs, and if the other person/people involved feel comfortable, you can request to take an image of their drivers license, so that you have a digital copy of their information. 

tradesman lrs mudgee spray painting booth


At LSR, we pride ourselves on having the most skilled tradesman in the Central West. 

Leven Smash Repairs Spray Painter, Jhun has been part of LSR for just over six years and has brought a plethora of skills and knowledge with him. Having spent decades training and working around the world, he has become familiar with many paint brands, spray techniques and painting methods. 

If you have had the opportunity to learn from or talk to Jhun, you would agree that he is incredibly inspiring and an influential leader to the younger generation of painters.  

How long has Jhun been in the Smash Repairs industry for?

Jhun started working on cars and experimenting with the art of automotive spray painting at the young age of nine. Born and raised in the Philippines, Jhun’s family home was actually located upstairs above a paint-shop and both his grandfather and father were painters, which naturally led him into being a 3rd generation Spray Painter. 

What skill does Jhun find most challenging?

Jhun mentioned that the automotive spray painting skill he has found most challenging is colour matching because of how the process varies between countries. In the Philippines, they has to perform the skill manually. In Australia, he finds colour matching much easier because smash repair businesses like Leven Smash Repairs invests in the latest computer technology and equipment. 

What is the most rewarding part of Jhun’s career?

Jhun finds his job extremely rewarding because he gets to teach and share his expertise with fellow spray painters and mentor Leven Smash Repair spray painting apprentices. He finds it rewarding when the skills he teaches are taken on board and applied to the jobs that they are working on. Another aspect of his job that he finds rewarding is customer satisfaction. It makes him feel fulfilled when the customers are satisfied with his work and the work of his fellow painters. 

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International Women’s Day.

As International Women’s Day is approaching us on the 8th of March, I thought it was a fitting time to share this video. At LSR, we hope to inspire more women to join the industry and to never be afraid of a challenge.

IWD provides an important moment to showcase commitment to womens equality, launch new initiatives and action, celebrate womens achievements, raise awareness, highlight gender party gains and more.

Collectively every person and all groups can make a difference within their sphere of influence by taking concrete action to help build a more gender equal world. From small powerful grassroots gatherings to large-scale conference and events – International Women’s Day is celebrated everywhere. It’s a big day for inspiration and change.

Click here to see how not only yourself, but how your workplace can use resources for change. 

We are so grateful for our LSR ladies! There is always opportunity for growth within a male dominated industry. We aim to always look for an opportunity for these ladies step up and improve their skills. They work hard and the results will speak for themselves.