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Site Expansion

New facilities

Due to rapid growth, LSR have recently completed construction of an additional facility to complement our existing workshop. This expansion allows the following benefits:

  • More area for our technicians to work on each individual vehicle
  • More area for our specialised repair equipment; for example our Aluminium repair bay
  • Vehicle hoists for mechanical repairs to take place
  • Inspection areas for improved quality insurance and final checking
  • A new accessory fitting area for 4x4 bull-bars, driving lights, etc.
  • Larger reserve capacity to allow for future growth and expansion of our team

The aim of the new facility is to cater for larger collision work. Vehicles with greater severity of damage will be directed to the new facility and those with minor damage will be repaired in the original workshop. This will allow a more streamlined repair process resulting in benefits to customers and staff, and faster vehicle turn-around times.